You Can Stop This: Here’s How

imagesCome to the April 1st meeting, 6 PM, at Chandler Magnet School.  Wear green.  Turn-out at this meeting is key.

Before that day, call or email the City Council members, and let them know what you think of them giving away public land to solve Worcester State’s problem.

Gary Rosen
City Councilor for District 5
(508) 736-7056

Ed Augustus
City Manager
(508) 799-1175

Rick Rushton
City Councilor at Large
(508) 579-7500

Konnie Lukes
City Concilor at Large
(508) 425-0042

Moe Bergman
City Councilor at Large
(508) 981-5934

Mike Gaffney
City Councilor at Large
(508) 770-1007

Kate Toomey
City Councilor at Large
(508) 735-8058

Tony Economou
City Councilor for District 1
(508) 963-3638

Phil Palmieri
City Councilor for District 2
(508) 843-1622

George Russell
City Councilor for District 3
(508) 963-6320

Sarai Rivera
City Councilor for District 4
(508) 963-3822

Then call or email members of the School Committee, and tell them NOT to give away this land.  They may need it someday themselves.  Tell them that you vote.

Mayor Joseph M. Petty
(508) 799-1153

Brian A. O’Connell
(508) 792-6789

John F. Monfredo
(508) 853-3444

John (Jack) L. Foley
(508) 853-3593

Hilda Ramirez
(508) 410-6015

Tracy A. O’Connell Novick
(508) 579-5472

Dianna L. Biancheria
(508) 753-3440

Sign our petition.


3 thoughts on “You Can Stop This: Here’s How”

  1. Please reconsider making this land into a parking lot. We have less and less neighborhood parks for our children to play in, which leads to more children staying inside playing video games and surfing the Internet, which also leads to more obesity.


  2. When two parties enter into an agreement, each gains from the arrangement. Much has been reported about what Worcester State will gain from the conversion of the Chandler Magnet ball fields into a parking lot. However, one question remains: HOW WILL THE SCHOOL CHILDREN AT CHANDLER MAGNET GAIN FROM THIS AGREEMENT? The elimination of the play space around the school will not improve students’ social and physical well-being. The building of an access road around the school to reach the proposed parking lot will not increase student safety. Increased noise from traffic flow and foot traffic around the school will not enhance student focus on classroom learning activities. In this world, you hold onto something good until you find something better. The city manager’s short-sighted plan to convert Chandler Magnet’s ball fields into a parking lot does not qualify as something better.


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