The Game Is On

An initial response to the City Manager’s final revelation of the complete plan for the sacrifice of this land.  It’s full of bells, whistles, and distractions: swapping out one field for another, dragging in unassociated problems, pulling in highly fanciful sale values (absurdly low) and future contributions to the tax rolls (imaginatively high), blaming the School Committee for problems not its own.

This is not about auxiliary parking problems (for May Street and Chandler Street teachers) caused by Worcester State’s refusal to solve its parking problems on its own land.  This is not about covering over an existing field at Rockwood with fancy, cancer-causing turf and calling it a win for residents–while more and more of our parkland is privatized by WSU athletics.  This is not a shell game where one soccer field is traded for another, with empty promises about how much better this field will be.

This is about preserving open space and woodlands.  This is about Worcester State being smart, like a university is supposed to be, and solving its own problems.  This is about transparent governance (and that means you, too, City Councilors).

Those are qualities that truly benefit a city. They would ensure that all of our neighborhoods remain places that families want to live, with public schools where they want to send their children.

Let’s play.


One thought on “The Game Is On”

  1. this is the most disgusting display of non-caring people. I am so upset. The plan does not even make sense. We need the woodlands for all the different wildlife that are still there. We need the activists. We need the people to all remember what this will do to our property values. The children the hikers, ect.,


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